Government's Budget 2024 Paves the Way for AI Talent & Robotics Innovation

Everyone knows that the Singapore government is willing to spend money for the people, for businesses, and for the entire society. On February 16th, the Singapore Budget 2024 was announced, totaling a whopping $131 billion. It’s a significant amount of money, and everyone living in Singapore will benefit from it.

Of particular note is the stimulus provided in the budget, which will greatly benefit Singapore’s thriving artificial intelligence (AI) industry. The government announced that over the next five years, it will invest over $1 billion into AI compute, talent, and industry development. This investment aims to cultivate local AI talent, harness the nation’s potential in the AI field, and attract top AI creators from around the world.

This is fantastic news! It shows that Singapore is committed to fostering technological innovation and ensuring an adequate supply of tech talent. Singapore has long placed emphasis on developing tech talent, such as implementing coding education for children at an early age, making it one of the leading countries in this regard.

For instance, in 2014, the Infocomm Media Development Authority collaborated with the Ministry of Education to launch the “Code for Fun” programme, aimed at primary and secondary students to develop coding and computational thinking skills. By 2019, coding had become a mandatory subject for primary school students in Singapore.

Five years ago,coding had already become a compulsory subject for primary school students (grades four to six) in Singapore. This year, with the government’s substantial investment in the AI industry and its continued emphasis on coding education, the future looks bright for those who pursue coding as a career.

NK Robotics believes that learning to code opens up numerous career opportunities for students. We will seize these opportunities by developing teaching software and advanced coding courses, keeping pace with the government’s development efforts and providing students with stronger support.

We will continue to lead students in participating in various robotics and coding competitions, allowing them to gain experience and sharpen their skills through real-world challenges.

Stay tuned for March 15th-16th, when NK Robotics students will participate in one of Singapore’s most prestigious robotics competitions, the FIRST LEGO League. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our courses and competitions.