Fusion Programmes of

Coding and Robotics

Embark on a transformative journey where the worlds of robotics and coding converge in our cutting-edge fusion programme, opening doors to innovation and hands-on technological exploration.

Coding + Robotics Programmes

Tech Explorers 7-8

The Tech Explorers programme offers young learners the fundamentals of both Robotics and Scratch Coding. Through engaging hands-on robotics projects, students delve into the mechanical and construction aspects of robotics, enhancing their proficiency in building techniques while incorporating physics and mechanical concepts. They also learn basic block-based coding for robot automations with the WhalesBot-Block Based Coding. To further enhance their coding skills, students engage in fun and exciting Scratch Coding projects. Completion of the programme equips students with a solid foundation in robotic building and coding. They will also be able to take the Scratch Grade 1 test and earn a Scratch Grade 1 certificate upon passing the test.

As an important upgrade of our new programmes, we will be introducing an affordable and comprehensive robotic kit, WhalesBot AI Module 1s, to our students. This kit caters to all building and coding levels, delivering a well-rounded STEM education experience for young enthusiasts embracing science and technology. This kit allows students to work on their own projects after class, sharpen their skills at home and show parents their works and progress. Moreover, it is also the designated kit for participation in the Enjoy AI competition.  Please explore more the details of the kit and the competition.

Expanding Horizons with the Tech Explorers Programme

Building on the foundation laid by our core curriculum, the Tech Explorers programme in Singapore is designed to further ignite the passion for innovation in our young learners. Through our carefully structured lessons and hands-on projects, students gain not just knowledge, but a comprehensive understanding of how technology shapes our world.

The WhalesBot AI Module 1s: A Gateway to Advanced Robotics

At the forefront of our advanced offerings is the WhalesBot AI Module 1s. This cutting-edge robotic kit is not just another educational tool; it is a bridge to the future of STEM learning. By integrating the WhalesBot AI Module 1s into our programme, we offer students an unparalleled opportunity to dive deep into the mechanics and programming of robotics. This kit, designed with young learners in mind, simplifies complex concepts into manageable, engaging, and fun activities that inspire creativity and problem-solving skills.

From Scratch Coding to Sophisticated Robotics

The journey from basic Scratch coding to understanding the intricate workings of robotics is both exciting and enlightening. Scratch programming, known for its user-friendly interface, lays the groundwork for logical thinking and algorithmic processing. As students progress, they transition smoothly into the more technical aspects of robotics, using the WhalesBot AI Module 1s. This progression not only enhances their coding skills but also their understanding of mechanical engineering principles, preparing them for a future in the ever-evolving field of technology.

A Platform for Future Tech Leaders

By participating in the Tech Explorers programme, students in Singapore are not just learning; they are stepping into the roles of innovators and problem-solvers. Our curriculum is designed to challenge and inspire, fostering an environment where young minds can experiment, fail, learn, and succeed. The inclusion of the WhalesBot AI Module 1s ensures that students have access to the latest in educational technology, making their learning journey relevant and exciting.

The ENJOY AI Competitions: Showcasing Young Talent

A highlight of our programme is the opportunity for students to participate in the ENJOY AI Competitions. These events are more than just contests; they are platforms for students to showcase their skills, creativity, and hard work. Competing with peers offers valuable life lessons in teamwork, perseverance, and the spirit of healthy competition. It also gives them a glimpse into the broader community of tech enthusiasts, encouraging them to aspire to greater heights in their tech journey.

Conclusion: Your Child’s Pathway to Technological Mastery

By choosing the Tech Explorers programme, you are providing your child with a unique blend of education and innovation. Through the use of the WhalesBot AI Module 1s and our focus on robotics and Scratch coding, we are preparing students not just for the tests and competitions of today, but for the technological challenges of tomorrow. Our programme is more than an educational course; it is a journey that transforms curious learners into confident creators, ready to make their mark on the world of technology.

Enroll your child in the Tech Explorers Programme Singapore today, and take the first step towards unlocking their potential as a tech pioneer.