WhalesBot S30


AGE 6-8

  • Controller: 32-bit processor, including 2 closed-loop motors (voltage 5V), 3 indicator lights, 1 speaker, 780mAh lithium battery, Bluetooth
  • Programmer: handheld programming board, built-in buzzer and Bluetooth. There are a total of 72 buttons, which can issue more than 100 kinds of commands, including forward, backward, loop, line patrol and other commands. As it is connected to the controller, it can complete many different tasks such as programming, debugging, remote control, etc
  • Sensor: 1 integrated five-grayscale sensor: 5-channel grayscale sensor, which can realize line patrol and other functions
  • Actuator: 1 intelligent motor, working voltage 5V
  • Structural parts (including transmission parts): the design ratio of structural parts is based on standard 10mm building blocks, patchwork construction method, and screwless construction design; ≥135 pcs, ≥29 types
  • Transmission parts: 3 kinds of 6 gears, including 2 36 bevel spur gears, 2 8- tooth spur gears, 2 24-tooth spur gears