Ultimate Robot Kit V2.0


• What is Ultimate Robot Kit ?
Ultimate 2.0 is our most advanced 10-in-1 educational robot kit that has 550+ mechanical parts and electronic modules that allows you to build 10+ models from one set. Ultimate 2.0 also has superb motor control and great compatibility with Arduino & Raspberry Pi so that you can build a range of complex designs.



 10 in 1
With 550+ mechanical parts and electronic modules,you can build 10+ models from one set.
 Mainboard MegaPi with powerful Drive capability
MegaPi Mainboard, capable of simultaneously driving up to 10 servos, 8 DC motors or 4 stepper motors, has 4 extension interfaces which provides access to different types of sensors.
 Supports multiple programming languages
Block-based programming software enables you to program the Ultimate 2.0 by dragging and dropping function blocks. It also supports Arduino IDE and Raspberry Pi.
• Wireless Control
Use your iPhone or Android smart phone or tablet to program Ultimate to move wirelessly.
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 Makeblock (Mobile):
A standard app for controlling and programming Makeblock robots.
 mBlock 3(PC):
A block-based programming software compatible with Arduino.


Version Ultimate Robot Kit V2.0
Packing Method Box Packing
Product Information G.W:2.47kg, DIM (L.D.H):41*20*24.5 cm
Package Information G.W:4.18kg, DIM (L.D.H):51*31*15 cm
Carton Information 1pcs/ctn, G.W:4.18kg, DIM (L.D.H):53*17*34 cm

Part List

4×Beam0824-016 2×Beam0808-024 5×Beam0824-032 3×Beam0824-064
4×Beam0412-076 4×Beam0412-092 2×Beam0824-128 4×Beam0412-140
1×Slide Beam0824-176 2×Slide Beam0824-192 6×Beam0412-188 2×Beam0412-220
1×Plate 7×9-B 2×Plate 3×6 2×Plate0324-056 3×Plate0324-088
4×Bracket 3×3 2×Bracket P3_P3 4×Stiffener1616-08-M4 6×Shaft Connector 4mm
1×Plane Bearing Turntable D34×24mm 10× Countersunk Screw M2.5*6 60× Nut M4 12× Nylon Lock Nut M4
16× Headless Set Screw M3×5 10× Headless Set Screw M3×8 6× Countersunk Screw M3×8 6× Countersunk Screw M3×10
60 × Screw M4×8 50× Screw M4×14 10× Screw M4×16 12× Screw M4×22
8× Screw M4×30 12× Shaft Collar 4mm 12× Flange Copper Sleeve 4×8×4mm 4× Brass Stud M4×16
4 × Brass Stud M2.5×19 5 × Brass bolt M2.5×12 2× 4mm D shaft 50mm 1× 4mm D shaft 160mm
2× Shaft D4×88mm 6× Threaded Shaft 4×39m 3×Plastic Gear 8T 2×Plastic Gear 56T
6×Plastic Timing Pulley 90T 2×Plastic Gear 72T 20× Plastic Ring 4×7×2 20× Plastic Ring 4×7×3
6× Plastic Ring 4×7×10 20× Plastic Rivet 4060 20× Plastic Rivet 4100 20× Plastic Rivet 4120
10× Rubber Bank 10× Nylon Cable Tie 1.9×100 4×Rubber Blanket 4×Tire 90T B
2×Track 70×139mm 1×360°Mobile Phone Bracket 1× Wrench 5mm&7mm 1× Small Fourway Socket Wrench
1× HEX Key 1.5mm 1× Cross&2.5mm HEX Screwdriver 1× HEX Key 1.5mm 1 × Hardware Pack
1× MegaPi_MegaPi V1.0 1× Megapi Shield for RJ25 V1.0 1× Bluetooth Module V1.1 1× Me Line Follower V2.2
1× Me Shutter V1.0 1 × Me 3-Axis Accelerometer and Gyro Sensor V1.2 1× Me Ultrasonic Sensor 1× Me Adapter
4× Megapi Encoder/DC Motor Driver 2×MegaPi Acrylic Bracket 1× Makeblock Robot Gripper 1× 25mm DC Encoder Motor 9V/86RPM
2× 25mm DC Encoder Motor 9V/185RPM 3× 25mm DC Encoder Motor Cable 3×25mm DC Motor Bracket 2×25mm Motor Bracket-72T
1× USB Cable B-1.3m 1× 6P6C RJ25 Cable-35cm 2× 6P6C RJ25 Cable-20cm 1 × PH2.0-2P to Stripped-End Cable – 35cm,22AWG (Pair)
1×Battery Holder 6AA 1×Quick Release Plate