Robot Arm Add-on Pack for Starter Robot Kit-Blue


• What is Robot Arm Add-on Pack?
Robot Arm Add-on Pack serves to transform your Starter Robot Kit to a robotic-arm tank. It contains all parts you need for building a robotic arms, including DC Motor-37, Robot Gripper, beams, timing pulleys, and hardware.Composing of easy-to-assemble mechanical parts, color-labelled electronic modules, and a nimble gripper, controlled by IR remoter controller, this pack aims to bring more fun: pick up a bottle of water and get it delivered under your command.The gripper included in this pack is capable of opening an impressive 3″ (67mm) wide. It enables you to grip items of various sizes according to your needs.The inner N20 screw motor of the gripper included in this pack will automatically stop running when the gripper is fully open or closed. This protects the screw motor from short-circuits and over-current, ensuring long-time use of the gripper.



Version Robot Arm Add-on Pack for Starter Robot Kit-Blue
Packing Method Box Packing
Package Information G.W:0.82kg, DIM (L.D.H):20*16*7 cm
Carton Information 20pcs/ctn, G.W:17.4kg, DIM (L.D.H):55*45*23 cm

Part List

1 x Beam 0824-64 1 x Beam 0824-80 3 x Beam 0824-96 3 x Beam 0808-168
3 x Plate 3×6 1 x DC Motor-37 Bracket B 1 x HEX Screwdriver 2.5mm 1 x Timing Pulley 90T
1 x Timing Belt 123T 3 x Linear Motion Shaft D4x88mm 8 x Shaft Collar 4mm 1 x Flange Bearing 4x8x3mm
16 x Socket Cap Screw M4x8 1 x HEX Allen Key 1.5mm 2 x Nylon lock Nut 4mm 4 x Countersunk Screw M3x8
12 x Headless Set Screw M3x5 6 x Plastic Ring 4x7x2mm 1 x Me Dual DC Motor Driver 2 x 6P6C RJ25 cable-20cm
1 x DC Motor-37 12V/50RPM 1 x Strong Robot Gripper 1 x Timing Pulley18T 14 x Socket Cap Screw M4x14
6 x Socket Cap Screw M4x22 8 x Nut M4