mBot Ranger add-on pack-Laser Sword


• What is mBot Ranger Add-on Pack-Laser Sword?
Lightsaber is a decisive weapon in the world of the Star Wars. Now just buy an expansion pack, and then you can transform your mBot Ranger into a Laser Sword of your own. You will take great pleasure in DIY through reproducing the lightsaber effects as shown in the film and improving your do-it-yourself ability.



  There are Various preset cool light effects,like Lightsaber, Varying-color Charge Sword, Auroral Sword, Rainbow Sword, Breath-taking Sword, Sound Control Lamp, Optical Control Lamp and many other light effects.
 Support mBlock and Makeblock programming, so that you can define Laser Swords at free will.
• Support four control modes including gravity sensor, sound control, light control and touch control, thus allowing you to play Laser Sword in endless ways.
 Makeblock (Mobile):
A standard app for controlling and programming Makeblock robots.
 mBlock Blocky (Mobile):
Game-based programming software for STEAM education
 mBlock 5 (PC):
A powerful platform for coding designed for STEAM education


Version mBot Ranger Add-on Pack-Laser Sword
Packing Method Box Packing
Product Information DIM(L.D.H):66*11*8.5cm
Package Information G.W:0.66kg, DIM(L.D.H):56*18.8*3.3cm
Carton Information 10pcs/ctn, G.W:7.8kg, DIM (L.D.H):59*25*36 cm

Part List

2 × Beam0808-504-blue 2 × Laser Sword Acrylic Plate 1 × Beam0824-048-blue 1 × Me RJ25 Adapter Module
12 × M4 × 22mm Screw 16 × M4 Nut 12 × M4 × 14mm Screw 25 × Plastic Spacer 4×7×3mm
15 × M4 × 8mm Screw 1 × LED RGB Strip(1m) 2 × M4 × 35mm Screw