Dragon Knight Kit


The Dragon Knight Kit contains at least 50 mechanical parts and electronic components. It is modeled after the Dragon Knights in the Star Wars. In total, 8 smart servos are shared, and a series of actions can be performed using the handle controller, and different modes such as obstacle avoidance mode, remote control mode can be selected.At the beginning, the dragon knights were kneeling on the ground for the entire body. After using the remote controller handle to start operations, they could control the dragon knight forward and backwards, and go straight ahead in different directions. Can also control the dragon knight to do push-ups. When we touched the touch module with the dragon knight by hand, the dragon knight struggled with the constant swing of four feet. When we turn over the dragon knight, the dragon knight’s feet will turn over and walk, still able to continue to move according to the original way of marching. During the Dragon Knight movement, the lamp panel above the dragon knight board can display different colors according to different movements. The dragon knight’s principle of action is through swinging and forward crawling of the four legs at different times. Each time the foot is lifted, only one foot is lifted. The remaining three feet are used as a support. The raised foot swings forward and then fall again as a support. The other foot is lifted and moved forward again.



• Designed to imitate the dragon knight in the interstellar warfare, it can realize a variety of different ways of movements.


Version Dragon Knight Kit
Packing Method Box Packing
Package nformation G.W:2,47kg
Carton Information 3pcs/ctn, G.W:8.95kg, DIM (L.D.H):59*25*37 cm
Working Voltage 6v~12
Warranty https://www.makeblock.com/support/warranty-information
Control Mode Manual or Automatic control
Programming Compatible with Arduino Programming and mBlock Graphical Programming
Power Supply 6AA batteries

Part List

1×Me Auriga Control Board 1×Intelligent servo expansion board 1×Touch Sensor V1 1×Slide Double Beam 032-Blue (4/Pack)
1×Bluetooth Controller 1×RJ25 Wire – 20cm (4 piece/Pack) 1×Micro USB data cable 2×Dragon Knight board
8×Dragon Knight foot pad 1×Screwdriver 1×Round Head Screws M4*8 (100 units) 1×Nut M4 (50 units)
1×Nylon Lock Nut 4mm(50 units) 1×Ultrasound Module V3 8×MS-12A Intelligent Servo 1×Slide Double Beam 016-Blue (4 /Pack)
8×Dragon Knight Feet 1×Double Head Wrench 5mm&7mm 1×Gasket 4*7*2mm (100 units) 1×Round Head Screws M4*16 (50 units)
8×Smart Servo Color Stickers 1×Hook&loop