Membership Programmes

Our membership gives you the flexibility to attend multiple lessons a week. Your child will be able to learn programming and practise coding regularly. Programming requires frequent practise to master and achieve fluency. With our experienced instructors’ guidance, students will learn the in and outs of programming, while solving coding challenges.

Coding Membership


Scratch is a drag and drop block based programming that allows the students to learn logic coding and develop computational thinking without having to memorise specific keyword codes or having to type them out. Thus making coding fun and approachable for kids.

Here at NK Robotics, Your child will learn important strategies for solving problems, designing projects and communicating ideas. Through our lessons, your child will learn to program their own interactive stories, animations and games.

Scratch helps young people to be creative, systematic and work collaboratively. This are essential skills for life in the 21st century.


Python is a high level programming that can be used on multiple platforms. Your child will experience one of the best way of programming.

The simpler syntax emphasises on the natural language thus making it widely used by real professionals. 

Here at NK Robotics, your child will be equipped with different stages of python programming starting with fundamental programming to advance programming.