Exciting Recap of FLL Mock Competition 🎉 IDE Competition Is Coming~

Last Sunday’s in-house FLL (FIRST LEGO League) Mock Competition marked the beginning of the journey towards the official FLL Competition, set for March 14-16. NK Robotics’ students showcased exceptional preparation, covering everything from initial planning to robot design and strategy formulation.

Join NK Robotics as we look back on the thrilling moments of the competition day. Teams of 3-5 members presented their creativity and final results to judges using PowerPoint presentations and models. It was a valuable experience for everyone, offering opportunities to learn from participation, on-site interactions, and feedback from judges, all of which will contribute to enhanced performance in future competitions.

The First Lego League Competition involves students aged 4-16 from over 110 countries worldwide, aiming to foster interest in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) fields and cultivate innovation, collaboration, and logical thinking skills to tackle future challenges. It is one of Singapore’s most prestigious robotics competitions.

At NK Robotics, we provide various opportunities for students to participate in competitions, stimulating their innovation, teamwork, and competitive spirit. Following the conclusion of the FLL competition, our competition classes seamlessly transition into training sessions for the May IDE (Innovation, Design, and Engineering) competition.

In the realm where technology meets creativity, the IDE competition offers an excellent platform to unleash unlimited creativity. Participants face unforeseen tasks and challenges, adding an element of surprise and excitement to the event. While the challenges vary annually, the competition’s core remains focused on innovation, design, and engineering.

In the previous year, our students achieved commendable results, securing fourth place in the IDE competition’s coding primary school category. This year, students from our competition classes and coding courses will continue their journey, gearing up for the May IDE competition and embracing new challenges. If you are interested in joining our competition class, this is the perfect opportunity!

Interested students are encouraged to inquire for further details. Students preparing for the DSA application are particularly welcome to join us in pursuing success in the IDE competition, enriching their resumes in the process.