Space Animal City

The ‘Space Animal City’ is designed to explore biodiversity, and participating contestants are required to control robots to classify animals. This event aims to expand the natural ecological knowledge of young participants, enhance the ecological awareness of adolescents, and encourage them to love nature and protect animals.

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Closing Ceremony of Sports

The ‘Closing ceremony of Sports’ combines technology and athletics, focusing on robotics, programming, and AI. It replicates traditional elements like team entry and award ceremonies with a tech twist, aiming to inspire youth to be balanced learners and creators in both mind and body.

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Galactic Defense Battle

‘Galactic Defense Battle’ is a competitive event in which contestants design and control robots for space-themed attack and defense tasks. It’s a one-on-one combat, with teams automating tasks like frontline support and fortification repair. To achieve victory, teams must strategically accomplish objectives and hinder their opponents.

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Space Traveling

The ‘Space Traveling’ is ENJOY AI’s Eagle drone competition. Students are required to comprehensively apply various technologies such as visual recognition and programming control. They use drones to complete actions such as take off, movement, object recognition, etc., within the competition environment, aiming to accomplish specific tasks within the stipulated time. This competition can stimulate students’ imagination and cultivate their interest in aerospace.