Singapore Jan 2024: Enjoy AI Competition

Are you ready to compete? Are you up for the challenge? 

Here are the various robotics competitions that you can participate in throughout the year. Hosted for students and parents with interest in the competitive robotics scene.

Is robotics competition your thing? We will equip your child with advanced skills and knowledge to tackle the challenge of competitive robotics. Our Competitive Robotics Training Programmes can be found here.

Winners can potentially join the competition in China for 2024!!

Age 0 -7
Enjoy AI World Tour
Age 0 -16
Enjoy AI Summer Sports

Enjoy AI World Tour

Age 5-7

The World Tour competition fuses geography, tourism, and technology. Get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure across four continents with your robot, exploring renowned landmarks and iconic destinations. This unique mission provides children and young individuals with a remarkable opportunity to develop a comprehensive understanding of world geography and unleash the power of artificial intelligence to showcase their skills through robotics. Join us in this exciting journey, where education, culture, and technology unite to ignite the imagination and knowledge of our future innovators.

Competition Robot Model

WhalesBot U20 Pro

  • Custom-made for young beginners to learn coding and robotics.
  • Includes advanced components like an ultrasonic sensor, moto actuator, controller, and sparking sensor, encouraging experimentation and creativity.
  • Focus on sequencing, nurturing logical thinking and problem-solving skills for STEM challenges.
  • A versatile STEM solution suitable for kids as young as five, serving as a starter or long-term program to nurture future innovators.

Competition Map

ENJOY AI 2023 – The World Tour

  • Model parts (not less than 170), and can build 4 checkpoints. 2 sites, 4 city signs, 14 3.5cm squares. Special double-sided tapes.
  • Includes a piece of map (size 1.2 m * 2.2 m).

Enjoy AI Summer Sports

Age 8-16

Welcome to ENJOY AI – Summer Sports, a unique competition that combines science, innovation, and sports. This event seamlessly blends robotics design, programming, artificial intelligence, and multidisciplinary knowledge to simulate popular summer sports such as athletics, fencing, weightlifting, and ring. It’s a fusion of popularity and technology, aiming to reconnect the body, mind, and brain and inspire young people to become healthy learners, athletes, and creators. Join us for this exciting journey!

Competition Robot Model

WhalesBot AI Module 1S

  • Featuring an ARM Cortex M3 32-bit processor, 13 diverse interface channels, IR and touch sensors, 3 closed-loop motors, 602 structural parts for over 3 exciting projects, and 5 different transmission parts.
  • The ultimate kit that provides diverse coding languages, including Scratch, Python, and C++. It’s perfect for beginners and advanced learners, nurturing essential coding skills, computational and critical thinking. This kit caters to all levels of building and coding, offering a comprehensive STEM education experience.

Competition Map

ENJOY AI 2023 – Summer Sports

  • Model parts (not less than 500), and can build 8 mission models: fencing, weightlifting, cycling,100m race, rings, shooting, football, climbing. Special double-sided tapes.
  • Includes a piece of map (size 1.2 m * 2.2 m).
  • Includes a set of movable assembly line patrol platform (1 5cm slope, 1 5cm platform).