Are you ready to compete? Are you up for the challenge? Here are the various robotics competitions that you can participate in throughout the year. Hosted for students and parents with interest in the competitive robotics scene.

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NK Competition Awards

ENJOY AI Global Final 2023

First Runner-Up,
Second Runner-Up,
Most Development,
and Best Team awards


Robomaster Air Land Conquest 2023

Secondary:Champion Team and First Runner Up 


National Robotics Competition 2022

Secondary:Robot Run Finalist

Primary: Robot Run Finalist

DJI Robomaster Youth Challenge 2022

Secondary:First Runner Up (NK Team2)

Primary:First Runner Up (NK Team1); Second Runner Up (NK Team3)

2021 Singapore National MakeX Spark Online Competition [Family Care]

<Intermediate Group Award>

Young Designer Awards:

Gladwin Ng Yan Gin — Team Gladwin:

Young Innovator Awards:

Sun Luke & Ashton Teo En Hao — Caring Monster

Young Engineer Awards:

Apple Dusk & Wang Yi Fei — Robot Cat

Shang Yi Hong Esmond — Lock1

<Elementary Group>

Young Innovator Awards:

Paul Chia — Fish Feeder

Robotic Competitions

DJI Robomaster Youth Championship

The RoboMaster Youth Championship (RMYC) is designed to take current robotic competition standards to a whole new level that will pique the interest and excitement of our next generation in engineering and robotics.

Singapore’s RoboMaster 2022 Youth Championship is a national level competition. Teams must engineer the hardware of the DJI Robomaster EP as well as code the AI capabilities of the DJI Robomaster EP for a 4 vs 4 tactical game. The team must defend their base and attack the opponent’s base using DJI Robomaster EP and TT drones in the 4 vs 4 game. 


Regional Tournaments

FLL SG is one of the national LEGO robotics competitions in Singapore that lead up to FLL World Festival. FLL’s participants accumulate points by completing missions with LEGO robots built by them. 

You will have to figure out how best to complete the highest scoring missions within two and a half minutes. In addition to the mission run, there is also a research and presentation component based on the competition theme for the year. The 2022 theme is Cargo Connect.


MakeX Spark Online Competition is a project-based creative design program for young people aged 6 to 13. You will be participating in a team to focus on the specific theme and devise a solution through software programming and hardware construction. The solution will be a demonstration project and a poster with topics including research, design-thinking process, construction scheme, and outcome summary.

The theme of the 2021 MakeX Spark Online Competition match is Family Care, where you will be tasked to build efficient projects to free the hands of your family. The creations stand to benefit a lot of people!

World Robot Olympiad (WRO)

Even though the WRO competition is not held in Singapore, participants from Singapore that stand out in NRC will have a chance to represent the country in this international competition.

National Robotics Competition (NRC)

(Previously known as National Junior Robotics Competition (NJRC))

Organised by Science Centre Singapore, NRC is the Singapore leg of the World Robot Olympiad (WRO). Win the chance to represent Singapore and compete in the WRO if you win the Championship Award or Best Robot Performance, with the trip being sponsored. The mission challenges are usually announced 2 to 3 months ahead of the competition date. The current categories are:

  • NRC- NRC Regular
  • NRC- WeDo Regular
  • NRC- Future Engineers
  • CoderZ Coding Challenge (Virtual Robotics)
  • NJRC 2016 Championship Award (Primary Sch Category)