Full S . T . E . A . M . ahead!

Our children will live in a world very different from ours.

Here at NK Robotics, we believe in nurturing a future-ready generation, equipped to harness the power of technology and AI. With over 500 lessons, students of all levels will be able to develop the capabilities to think creatively and analytically.

Our courses are also designed to spark interest in S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math), allowing every student to grow holistically. By keeping our curriculum constantly updated, we ensure that your child stays ahead of the game.

About Us

The founder of NK Education, Mr Wu has always wanted to open an education centre. He drew her inspiration from his 8 years old son’s drawing and understood that every child is born to be a learner. Every child needs to enjoy learning and a child’s own interest is his “best teacher”.  Hence, Mr Wu decided to name the education centre “NK Education” where “NK” represents “Nature Kids”

Our Vision

To empower students with knowledge of technology and spark curiosity beyond formal education through fun and interactive resources

Our Mission

To nurture a future-ready generation of innovators who are able to invent solutions and solve problems for the future

We Nurture Future Innovators

We Spark Creativity

Founded In

with a vision that the best motivator for learning is curiosity 


have attended our classes and gone on to achieve grater heights


situated around heartlands areas, we make our centres closer to you

Appointed organiser for the
annual MAKE X Robot Competition

Dedicated Team

Our team consist of highly qualified and passionate instructors from different well-known universities strongly believe in making learning a fun and engaging experience for every child. We strive to make our lessons enjoyable and relevant to our student’s lives, interests and experiences. We hope to cultivate a lifelong love for learning and inspire as many children as possible.

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