Nurturing a Future-ready Generation

Our children will live in a world very different from ours. Here at NK Robotics, we believe in nurturing a future-ready generation, equipped to harness the power of technology and AI. With over 500 lessons, students of all levels will be able to develop the capabilities to think creatively and analytically.

Our courses are also designed to spark interest in S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math), allowing every student to grow holistically. By keeping our curriculum constantly updated, we ensure that your child stays ahead of the game.

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NK Robotics Programmes

Kickstart your Child’s journey in Robotics!

Any age from 4 onwards, Learn to Build, Code, and Design their very own robot. 

Your child will be guided by our skilled MOE certified Trainers here at NK Robotics! There’s more! You can compete at leagues, gain experience and WIN!!


Build Your Own Robot

Attention Roboteers! Be a proud owner of your very own robot!

Brought to you by makeblock, learn to build and code at the comfort of your own home. With many different parts and sensors available.

You can customize and invent in any way imaginable!

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Are you ready to compete? Are you up for the challenge?Here are the various robotics competitions that you can participate in throughout the year. Hosted for students and parents with interest in the competitive robotics scene.

Is robotics competition your thing? We will equip your child with advanced skills and knowledge to tackle the challenge of competitive robotics. Our Competitive Robotics Training Programmes can be found here.


Date: Dec 1, 2021 – Feb 13, 2022

Venue: Final held in Germany, Austria, Switzerland

World Robot Olympiad (WRO)

Date: 18 – 21 Nov 2021

Venue: Online, due to COVID-19

National Robotics Competition (NRC)

Date: 8-24 Nov 2021

Venue: Online, due to COVID-19